Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tuesday Overview

Mrs.McDermott's morning session focused on faith vs. slavery. Three lies fell under the main point: "Lies We Believe".
  • Lies= Slavery=Emptiness=Shrub We cannot “do the law”. God wants us to be driven to himself because we cannot do that without him.
  • We are just as vulnerable to “good” lies as well as “bad” lies.
  • Satan does not care which lies we believe (good or bad) as long as we are believing lies.
We always think we can do everything on our own until a certain point, and when it becomes too much, we complain or ask God for help. We lie to ourselves, convincing ourselves that we can do everything, and when we do that, we become slaves, which leads to emptiness. And when you're empty, you're a shrub.
There is no difference between “good” and “bad” lies except their names. We are just as vulnerable to either. There is no substance in what is called a “white lie”, because that, in itself, is a label that lies.
Our enemy is not particular about what lies he wants us to believe. He does not care, and he has no preference whatsoever. He just wants us to accept his lies as acceptable, when they never are!

Campers and counselors participated in two evening games on Tuesday, the first was Safari, and the second, The Hungry Games. Each of the games involved a lot of running. Safari required all the counselors and assistants to dress up as safari animals including gorillas, cheetahs, hippopotami, snakes, and the honorable slug (Mr. Dau). To compete an Olympic Challenge, the campers had to run and collect tickets from the different animals. Whichever team collected the most tickets won. Each of the animals had to run from the campers except for the snakes, of which there were four. While the other animals would climb trees (gorillas), stay by the water (hippos, of course), run very fast (cheetahs), or slime people (the slug), the snakes would steal, kill, and destroy. Or something like that. Their job was to steal lives (black tape) as well as tickets collected. It was a long game, and at the end, people had a flaming hatred for those thieving snakes.

Hungry Games was a twist on capture the flag. There were no boundaries and no jail, but snipers and rovers roamed the grounds trying to keep campers from the objects that were worth the most points. It was quite intense.

During Tuesday evening's session, we heard the voices of many of the junior high students lifting their voices in prayer and praise to God! If you really take a moment to think about it, listening to their voices is such a privilege, such a blessing. The name of the session, Lies Have a Father, makes you realize that lies have an origin. It seems like such a simple thought, but it definitely requires effort and perseverance to dig out the root of an lie/problem. An example was excuse making. Many of the campers were able to identify with with this and share why so we could pray for them. Another was pride. Satan will attack it in different ways! We cannot just assume we will not be "fooled".

Before lights out, each cabin had time for daily reflection and prayer. Every good and perfect gift comes from above!

"Little children, you are from God and have overcome them, for he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world."
1 John 4:4



  1. We didn't have a strong enough internet connection at camp to handle uploading the sessions, but Lord willing we will upload them soon.