Sunday, June 17, 2012

On Arrival

After a long, hot, almost four hour trip down to Slayton, Minnesota, all campers, staff, and additional teams arrived safely!

One would think this ride would give headaches, which it most likely did, but it did not alter the spirit of willingness each camper had.  Unloading three trailers of luggage is a task no one should underestimate, especially when a large percentage is that of the girls.  Assistant Counselors were assigned to unload the suitcases, sleeping bags, and yes, even pillow pets, into piles according to cabin color.  However, no assistant had to do it alone: A handful of campers shouted "Assembly line! Come on guys!"

Without hesitation or grumbling, the campers pitched in on unloading, and it was a sweet moment watching them initiate this act of helpfulness.

In the end, we are here!


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